Shipping & Return Policy


1.1. The Website is intended for use by Customers who reside in the country serviced by this Website and there may be limits on where In The Mood Sai Gon can deliver Products.

1.2. Estimated delivery dates of the Products are after your orders 1-3 days for areas in Ho Chi Minh city and 2-7 days for other area, but the estimated delivery dates serve as a guide only and shall not be binding on In The Mood Sai Gon.

1.3. In The Mood Sai Gon shall contact you if an estimated delivery date cannot be met and in this context, In The Mood Sai Gon will give you the option of continuing to purchase the Product or cancelling your Order. If the Order is cancelled, In The Mood Sai Gon will give you a credit note/voucher for the next purchase. Refund is not applied. 

1.4. The Products shall be packaged in accordance with In The Mood Sai Gon’s standard packing procedures. In The Mood Sai Gon reserves the right to accommodate any specific packing instructions and in such cases, any additional charges which may apply shall be paid by the Customer before the Products are dispatched.

1.5. Unless otherwise agreed by In The Mood Sai Gon, In The Mood Sai Gon will deliver your Products to the delivery address provided by you on your Order Confirmation. On delivery of your Products, you might be required to sign for delivery and if no-one is available to take delivery of your Products, In The Mood Sai Gon or In The Mood Sai Gon’s appointed carrier may leave a card giving you instructions on either re-delivery or collection from the carrier.

1.6. In case you prefer in-day delivery (only apply for areas in Ho Chi Minh city), please contact us at our Facebook/Instagram as below right after your order to be supported.



2.1. Product is supported to be exchanged/returned once, and not refund.

2.1.1. In terms of exchange, customer can exchange for the other Products at the same price or at the higher price with an amount of compensation for price difference from customer.

2.1.2. In terms of return, customer will receive a credit note/voucher (released by In The Mood Sai Gon) for the next purchase with the value equivalent to the price of the exchanged Products. Refund is not applied.

2.2. Products can be exchanged/returned to In The Mood Saigon in the following cases:

(i) Received Products do not match with the type/model as your order on the website

(ii) Not enough quantity as your the order on the website.

(iii) External conditions affected such as peeling, broken ...

Before returning, the customer must send us the request at or message at

2.3. Notification of exchange/return must be received by In The Mood Saigon within 72 hours after successful shipment. Products must be exchanged/returned and received by In The Mood Sai Gon within 15 days of the date of receipt.

2.4. The customers can send the Products to any store in the system of In The Mood Sai Gon. The Customer will be responsible for the cost of returning the Products. The Customer will also be responsible for the Products until they reach In The Mood Sai Gon’s stores and Products will be inspected by In The Mood Sai Gon upon return. In the event that the Products are returned to In The Mood Sai Gon in an unsuitable condition, In The Mood Sai Gon may have to send the Products back to the Customer at the Customer’s cost and expense and/or refuse to provide a refund.

2.5. The Customer must package its item carefully and include the relevant return number(s) printed out from the Website or written on a loose sheet of paper.

2.6. When In The Mood Sai Gon delivers Products in excessive quantity, the Customer may reject or accept such excessive quantity of Products. If the Customer accepts the excessive quantity of Products, the Customer must pay for that quantity at the price in your Order.

In case you have comments/complaints related to product quality, please contact us with the information at ‘Contact Us’