Trang chủ

Our Craftsmen

We have always strived to work with quality craftsmen based in France, Italy or Spain. A lasting desire to support work and creation. A desire to transcribe the requirement of architecture, in order to highlight beautiful things.

Each craftsman is chosen with care, in order to highlight the beauty of each piece and the gesture that accompanies it, while respecting the environment and people.

Our Commitments

Even more today, Maison Sarah Lavoine wishes to support and protect nature by gradually registering in a more sustainable dimension through, the sourcing of its materials and the way of designing its products so that they last and become timeless.

Maison Sarah Lavoine also favors ecological packaging such as organic cotton or kraft paper for its packaging and strives every day to consume better. In order to extend this commitment, our House supports causes like No More Plastic, which combats plastic pollution in the oceans.